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Tabi and I have been busy with lots of things, including the following:



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  • Annoying Vocal Habit Generator: Your players will hate you.
  • Fortean Event Generator: Strange and peculiar events.
  • Incongruous Monster Generator: Monsters that just don't belong.
  • Nasty Thing Generator: Random misfortunes and hazards.
  • Plot Hook Generator: Random plot twists.
  • Random GM Irritator: Raise his blood pressure!
  • Random News Generator: Random gossip and news.
  • Random Villain Generator: Careers for your adversaries.

NPCs: Non-player characters for your role-playing games.

  • Asbrand: An azer weaponsmith.
  • Bainalagos: A dimensionally displaced freelance ranger.
  • Beoric: A werebear ranger.
  • Brangwain: A stalwart paladin.
  • Brother Chthonius: A priest of the dungeon.
  • Carolus: A ghostly officer.
  • Corby: A would-be criminal mastermind.
  • Coruchel: A cunning and malicious drider.
  • Cursitrix Laine: A fleet-footed traceuse who worships Gloomshield.
  • Dakka the Crazed: A manic wanderer.
  • Dharsêra: A druidess of the frozen wastes.
  • Dinsdale: Landlord of the Rook's Nest.
  • Doctor Cera: Beware the mad waxman!
  • Drak the One-Handed: The hook-handed ranger of Frostbitten Island
  • Ecce Lux: A paladin with ties to the Order of the Lanthorn
  • Feargal: A barbarian waster.
  • Glabrêr: A brutal half-orc archer.
  • Guthmund: Leader of the Battle-Chaplains.
  • Gwythyr: A curmudgeonly druid.
  • Hjalmund Bearsark: A nomad of the icy wastes.
  • Hughnon Farr: A vengeful spirit.
  • Husker: A ruthless sadist.
  • Ierg: A vicious huntsman.
  • Jago: Leader of the Grey Hand Gang.
  • Jannaal: The Lord of Frozen.
  • Kaaiiigh: A pyromaniac troll
  • Kalash: An orcish queen.
  • Khamun: A half-witted thug.
  • Kol Varthmund: A duergar captain.
  • Mister Raven: A villainous rogue.
  • Morgan: Lord of Drown
  • Nodbod: A gnomish prankster.
  • Oreithyia: An elven marine.
  • Paradox: An urbane and cunning illusionist.
  • Penelope: A creator of constructs and magic items.
  • Quaël: A cynical wise-woman.
  • Randulph: A conspirator against Jannaal.
  • Samael: Grand Vizier of Frozen.
  • Scalpel: Leader of the Black Knives.
  • Skulk: A sneaky goblin mercenary.
  • Styggron Sondergaard: Leader of the Order of the Lanthorn.
  • Sutton Ruul: A sadistic, thuggish guard.
  • Syke: A hobgoblin bully.
  • The Bringer of Darks: The master of shadow magic.
  • Thousand-Faced Thralgar: A master of disguise.
  • Thramb: A serial-killing shadow
  • Ucarota: A demon-blooded werehyena druid.
  • Ulfswein: The grindstone in Frozen's rumour mill.
  • Vendela: A hardened dwarven soldier.
  • Vidor: A vampiric merchant.
  • Vildra: Hermaphrodite priest(ess) of Vistreth..
  • Zara: A wicked cultist.