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Tabi and I have been busy with lots of things, including the following:



    • Crap I Drew On My Lunch Break: A mostly biographical comic by Jin Wicked
    • The Perry Bible Fellowship: The Perry Bible Fellowship
    • Bob the Angry Flower: Bob the Angry Flower
    • Edible Dirt: Edible Dirt
    • Rehabilitating Mr. Wiggles: The adventures of a sexually deviant teddy bear.
    • Wokki: Come visit the wonderful world of Wokki!
    • Two Lumps: The Adventures of Ebenezer and Snooch
    • Simulated Comic Product: Simulated Comic Product
    • Hate Song: Sissies need not click.
    • The Adventures of Dr. McNinja: He's a ninja. And a doctor.
    • Online Comics: A directory of online comics.
    • The Webcomic List: Online comics.
    • YakYak: The Llamasoft Forum
    • New Worlds Project: A science-fiction play-by-post role-playing game.
    • Morpheus Unbound: Patric Rogers' RPG site.
    • Godwar Central: The official website of Janrae Frank. I redesigned this site!
    • Karen E. Taylor: Author of the Vampire Legacy series, editor of Mother Damnation.
    • Merin Essi ar Quenteli!: A guide to the Sindarin and Quenya languages. I redesigned this site!
    • Susie Hawes: The official website of author Susie Hawes. Yes, I redesigned her site too.
    • Lena Sawyer: Author of The Wolves in the Band. I redesigned her site too.
    • eBaum's World Sucks: Media for Dumbasses
    • The Darkest of the Hillside Thickets: The best Cthulhu-rock band of all time.
    • Blambot: Comic Fonts and Lettering
    • Llamasoft: Distinctive Software Design
    • RetroGT: Retro Gaming T-Shirts.
  • RPG
    • RPG Library: Freeware and Shareware RPGs
    • RPG Gateway: Abandon the Search for Truth... Settle for a Good Fantasy
    • Critical Miss: The Magazine for Dysfunctional Roleplayers
    • Dungeoneering: Free Dungeon Terrain and Maps
    • Mistrealm: A large collection of RPG materials.
    • MWTools: Charles Greathouse's RPG generators.
    • John H. Kim's RPG Page: Various role-playing and world-building articles.
    • The Hypertext d20 SRD: Online version of the System Reference Document.
    • General Starlight's Fantasy Roleplaying Game Page: House rules and loads of gaming articles.
    • Dungeon Mastering: Dungeons & Dragons for grown-ups