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Tabi and I have been busy with lots of things, including the following:




You're probably here for the cartoons, and frankly we don't blame you. At present we have five cartoon series. Some are ongoing, some are currently taking a rest for one reason or another. Ah, what the Hell. You're probably here for Dung Eon anyway. I know I am.

Monday (usually)
The most recent strip. Bluey is the mischievous and malevolent being who controls this site. He doesn't let any of us have a moment's peace. He threw all the other comic strips into chaos just so he could grab the Monday cartoon slot for himself, and he leaves beer cans lying around.
Degnom's Travels
An unpleasant and monged one-panel strip. Degnom is alone in a malevolent universe that would much rather he didn't exist. Viewers of a disposition may find scenes.
On hiatus
The life, thoughts and feelings of a gelatinous cube as he slithers through the multiverse putting things to rights, 1,000 cubic feet at a time. He dispenses caustic and immersive wisdom, usually by absorbing people with a phlorx!
Dung Eon
Wednesday, Friday (usually)
The oldest of our comic strips, based on an earlier effort of Phil's called Grunt!. The misadventures of the denizens of the Dungeon. It's their job to be chopped up into little bits by adventurers. And you thought your job was tough.
Blinky and Whimsy
On hiatus
Blinky and Whimsy are two little girls at the mercy of a big, hostile world. Join them as they skip through the shadows of suburbia and mercilessly deconstruct the idea of innocence.
On Saturday we whore out our talents to you, the readers. Do you have an idea for a cartoon? Anything you'd like to see that could be summed up in a single panel, no matter how bizarre? So long as it's within our host's Terms of Service (no porn, sorry!) we'll draw it. Just email with your suggestion, and on your own head be it!