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Tabi and I have been busy with lots of things, including the following:



  • I do a bit of writing now and again. At one point I'd entertained ambitions to do that full time, but now it's just a hobby. That said, depending on how the Mother Damnation novels go, I may well decide to spend a bit more time on this later. Still, here are a few modest examples.
    • Writing: Samples of Phil Smith's writing.
      • Monged Tales: Strange, sick and twisted micronarratives.
        • 12" + Stiff: Hur hur hur.
        • Birfday: Happy birthday to you.
        • Broomstick, for the Insertion of.: This regiment has certain traditions.
        • It's the Taste.: Can you ride tandem?
        • Rabbit Hole: Originally posted for LJ Rabbit Hole Day.
        • The Day I Forgot My Skin: A twisted little micronarrative.
        • The Day I Had Medicine For Breakfast: Wakka wakka wakka wakka.
        • The Done Thing: Elbows off the table!
        • The Interview: Inspired by one of many failed job interviews.
        • The Other Interview: Arch-villains need jobs too.
      • Mother Damnation: Articles and short stories related to the Mother Damnation series
        • 1. The Blessed and the Damned: An excerpt from Phil's first novel.
        • Familiar Monsters: The origins of species on Daverana.
        • Lt. Stuart: Lieutenant Bob Stuart gets his next posting.
        • The Pack: Hungry ylesgaires search for one last meal.
      • Reviews: Our reviews.
        • Chuckie Egg: The Next Batch: Chuckie Egg: The Next Batch by John Blythe.
        • flOw: flOw by Jenova Chen
        • Gridrunner++: Gridrunner++ by Jeff Minter.
        • Project Paradroid: Project Paradroid by Ovine by Design.
        • Spheres of Chaos: Spheres of Chaos by Iain McLeod.
      • Bibliography: Our bibliography.