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Tabi and I have been busy with lots of things, including the following:




Originally, Slack 'n' Hash was intended as a site devoted to role-playing games, and though we like to think its brief has broadened since then we still post articles devoted to this hobby. Many of these are geared towards the d20 System, but many articles contain information that can be applied to other games as well.

  • Roleplay: Our roleplaying articles.
    • Background: Campaign world historical notes.
      • The City Watch: Law and Order in Gloomshield
      • The Mayor's Council: Who rules Gloomshield?
      • The Order of the Lanthorn: The most dangerous band of subversives in Gloomshield.
    • Character Design: How to min-max characters.
      • Cavalry: A guide to cavalrymen.

Treasure: Treasures magical and mundane.

  • Do Not Exceed Maximum Dosage.: Alchemical items.
  • Gloomshield's Magic Weapons: Magic weapons from the Shadegate campaign.
  • Intelligent Items of the False World: Magic items with personalities.
  • Magic Boots: Enough magic footwear for a crippled centipede!
  • Magic Candles: Illuminating magic items!
  • Magic Cloaks: Magical cloaks, capes and mantles.
  • Magic Gloves: A couple of handfuls of enchanted gloves.
  • Magic Jewellery: If it's shiny, it's magical.
  • Magic Musical Instruments: Turn that bloody noise down!
  • Weapons of the False World: Magic weapons from the AGARTHA campaign.
  • Wondrous Item Index: A master index of the site's wondrous items
  • Wondrous Items of the False World: Magic items from the AGARTHA campaign.